SE4500iE Smart 4kW Inverter Generator portable

Portable silent inverter generator is gasoline powered with 3 kW power, providing clean and safe pure sine wave power with AC outlet. The gas-powered inverter generator works at 3300rpm to 3800rpm speed and with super quiet operation for home, RV or emergency.


Product description

Smart 4kW Inverter Generator


Model: 3000i
Engine type: 4-stroke, Single-clinder, OHV, 3300-3800rpm
Cooling System: Air-cooled,
Displacement: 142 cm3
Operation Hours: 4 Hr @ rated load
Fuel Unleaded gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity: 43L (1.04 US gal)
Ignition System: CDI
Starting System: Recoil
Noise Power Level @ From 7m by CE standards
sound power level: 64 bBA


AC Output Output

Rated Voltage: 240V/230V/220V/120V/110V
Rated Frequency: 60/50Hz
Rated Output: 3.7kVA
Maximum Output: 4.2kVA
Safety Device Type: Electronic.

DC Output Output

Rated Voltage: 12V
Rated Current: 8A


Net Dimensions: W390 x H450 x L440 (mm)
Net Weight: 24kg



  1. Fuel Gauge on The Top - Easy to know when to refill.

  2. Built In Handle - Easy to carry the inverter generator with one hand for convenient mobility.

  3. Easy Start - Start with one pull to make the generator start quick and easy.

  4. Intelligent Inverter Technology - Inverter technology with pure sine wave delivers safe, clean power, ideal for sensitive electronics and tools.

  5. Ultra Quiet Design – With fully enclosed case, quiet running noise at only 59dB at rated load.

  6. High Performance Engine - Powerful, great cooling system combined with dual wind channel to reduce consumption and sound levels.

  7. Parallel Model – Double your power output by connecting 2 units with high efficiency.

  8. Eco Model Switch -Less waste, quieter and a longer running time.

  9. Built-in Shock Absorber System - Minimize the vibration.

  10. Wide Applications - Portable silent inverter generator produces pure sine wave power, which can be used to some sensitive devices like computer, phone, TV, stereo and other electronics and power tools.